Ensure the right resources are available when needed

The Workforce Management Optimization Suite allows the proper execution of customer interaction strategies by aligning available resources with program requirements. With this in place, our managers are better able to predict and analyze contact volumes, create and staff schedules, deliver more consistent service and manage performance levels in real time.

Our integrated Workforce Management (WFM) application creates accurate forecasts for contact volumes based on historical information. Service goals (ASA or service-level) then determine the optimal staffing levels needed throughout the day. Schedules are created and can be assigned automatically using agent preferences or a bidding process or can be assigned with management guidance.

As unforeseen events occur, alerts are in place so remedial plans can be implemented to get back on track more quickly. Schedule adherence helps agents keep to their schedules, and intraday management makes it easy to make adjustments where needed.

Some key features of the Workforce Management Optimization Suite include:

  • Enhanced data integration with the Interaction Center CIC all-in-one platform
  • Single- and multi-site forecasting and scheduling
  • Skills and multimedia forecasting and scheduling
  • Goals for service level, ASA or both
  • Intraday management and reforecasting
  • Real-time and historical data adherence
  • Graphical drag-and-drop schedule management