Multi-channel screen recording, scoring and file management in one complete solution

Improving user performance and customer service and sales is best achieved by recording interactions with your customers. Mandates in regulated industries such as insurance, healthcare and financial services also require call recording practices for compliance purposes.

Multi-channel call recording allows organizations to streamline file management for large recording volumes and quick archival retrieval.

Some key features of the Multi-channel Call Recording function include:

Multi-Channel Recording:

  • Record 100%, rule-based or on-demand
  • Record calls, including IVR, web chats, emails and faxes
  • Use audio playback plus attributes such as date, time and call direction for call recordings
  • Archive chat transcripts, fax messages and full transcripts of incoming/outgoing calls

Screen Recording:

  • Capture audio and user’s on-screen view, even in a multiple-monitor environment

Integrated Scoring:

  • Create wizard-driven scorecards to assess contact center user performance
  • Tag and score interactions for calibration sessions and ongoing training

PCI Compliance & Security

  • Encryption of recordings
  • Local storage of recordings for cloud-based deployment
  • User-based rights protection for authorized individuals and groups