Fully customizable automated self-service solution that can replace or be used prior to live agent interaction

The IVR application is a stand-alone solution. Our integrated IVR application has provided a powerful, adaptable foundation for service automation and convenience: bank by phone, prescription refills by phone, surveys, outbound notifications, appointment reminders, plus other in-demand services that welcome consumers and strengthen customer loyalty.

Other key features of the IVR solution include:

  • 24×7 self-service options that attract customers and improve retention
  • Post-call satisfaction surveys
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Increased contact center capacity by completing calls within the IVR without agent interaction
  • Outbound IVR applications structured for automated appointment reminders, emergency notifications, telesales, messages, supplemental marketing, etc.
  • Internal services for employees, such as benefits enrollment, time and attendance reports, shift scheduling, work order assignments and much more